LEARN ABOUT Infliximab:
an unbranded biologic

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Janssen’s unbranded Infliximab Is REMICADE® Without the Brand Name

A prescription medicine that
is the same as the biologic
medicine REMICADE®
Treatment list
Approved to treat the same
conditions as REMICADE®
Available in the same strength and same
dosage form as REMICADE®, and given
intravenously the same as REMICADE®
Same as REMICADE® except for the brand name and package

Unbranded Infliximab can support the treatment plan you and your doctor have chosen

Insurance companies may ask some patients 
to switch their therapy even though they may be doing well 
medically on their current therapy
If your coverage for REMICADE® has changed,
unbranded Infliximab offers you a treatment
option that is the same product as REMICADE®

Understanding unbranded biologics

Unbranded biologics are not biosimilars. One Difference Between the Two is:
unbranded biologic
An unbranded biologic is the same as the
brand-name product
biosimilar to reference product
A biosimilar must be highly similar to a brand-name
product and must show that there are no
clinically meaningful differences in terms of safety
and effectiveness
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